Batavia, NY

We are in Batavia.
We made a last minute decision to split the drive up across two days. We drove the first 7 hours yesterday afternoon and night (it took 9.5 hours). Then we drove the last 3 hours this morning (that took 3.5 hours). He was a good traveller at times and not-so-good at other times. He wanted to sleep, but he has a hard time putting himself to sleep in his car seat. Overall, I would have to say, it was better than I anticipated. Derek concurs.

Now, we’re here. Chillin’ with the boy’s grams, uncle and step-gramps. We’re trying to get him adjusted to the different surroundings and figure out the logistics of sleeping, napping, living, etcetera in my parents TINY cottage. I think the best scenario involves moving the pack and play every morning and night.

Isaac and I will be here until July 9th-ish. Derek will be here for most of that, except for a flight back to put in a few days at work. It’s about 70 and breezy. It’s refreshing. Derek loves it.

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