Nap Update

Isaac slept for 15 minutes in the nap mentioned at the end of the last post.
Then, he was up until… well… now. He’s still up, but he’s trying to go to sleep for the night.

We were a little touch and go around 4:00 or 4:30. It was a blur. It was screaming that reminded me of old Isaac. Nothing worked. Not being alone. Not playing. Not eating. Not walking around. Finally, we packed up and went to Costco for a change of scenery. He wasn’t happy about this, but he didn’t scream. He was still grumpy when we got home, but at least he wasn’t screaming anymore. He had an early dinner and bedtime prep started early, but I think it was needed. For him and for me.

So, that’s the status. Time to regroup….

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