Jake in NC – Day 4

Yesterday was another somewhat uneventful day.

Isaac and Lucy and I went for a long walk in the morning.
Jake slept in.

We went to Kohl’s and the Dollar Tree in the mid-morning/early-afternoon part of the day. I looked for shorts at Kohl’s (to no avail) and we bought a whole lot of candy at the Dollar Tree. We got the usuals, Nerds, Sprees, and Swedish Fish as well as some novelty items, like Special Edition Carnival Flavored Skittles, Retro Flavored Starbursts, and Create a Cookie Gummie Candies. Interesting. On the walk back from DT to Kohl’s we stopped at Target for some Icees. It was a pure sugar shopping spree!

The neighbor came over in the afternoon and he and Jake played the Wii (and other games) for awhile. Then, we went to his house for a dip in the pool. Isaac loved it. He loves to swim. After we tired of swimming, we came back to our house and waited for Derek to arrive.

We talked to my mom (the grandma) online for a little while. We ordered pizza. Isaac went to bed. We watched the World Series of Pop Culture (which I seriously think I could win). Then, I went to bed.

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