Jake in NC – Days 5 & 6

Lots to report this time…

Yesterday, Jake and I walked into the hoppin’ town of Lewisville and scored some coffees from Casanova’s. Then, Derek’s sister’s little boy came over. Jake taught him how to jump off the couch onto a pile of pillows. We only watched him for a little bit, before Derek’s mom came over and relieved us of the second baby. Isaac took a long afternoon nap and when Derek got home, we all hopped into the Element for a trip to Cookout for some dinner and tasty milkshakes.
Isaac had a rough time getting to sleep, so I mowed the lawn while Derek took a snooze with the little man. Finally, after he was fast asleep, Derek constructed a billowing fire in the backyard, the neighbor came over to hang with Jake and we had roasted marshmallows as we chilled fireside.

Today, Jake and I hit some local yard sales. We got some stuffed animals (for Jake) and picked up a few toys and clothes for Isaac T. While we were out, Derek began working on getting the garden into a somewhat tolerable state. (We did not plant a garden this year and it has become quite overgrown with grass, weeds and a cute little gourd vine). We put the boy on a blanket in the yard and chipped in. Jake earned some cash for all of his labors.
Later, we attended the 1st birthday party of Isaac’s future BFF, Josiah. There were sooooo many people and a lot of noise and Isaac had a rough time with the whole event. Jake played some recreational games (air hockey, pool, ping pong) and we had some cake and then headed home.
We worked more in the yard and then Derek took Jake to Kohl’s to spend his hard earned money on a spy watch. I tended to the little man and awaited their arrival (with dinner).

Now, Isaac is sleeping away. We’re watching Talladega Nights, The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. We just ate some tasty ice cream. And another two days are down.

Look for pics and videos soon. It’s been a bit hectic.

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