Meet in the Middle

On Friday, we left for Morgantown, West Virginia, which is approximately halfway between Batavia, NY and Lewisville, NC. My Mom and Jake drove down and we met at a lovely little hotel, well off the beaten path.

On the ride up, the boy didn’t much go for car sleeping, so it got pretty stressful around 9:00. He usually falls asleep around 7:00, so I was a little worried about the quality of day we would have if he was up so late. When, we arrived, he was fired up. He wanted to play play play. Finally, after we turned all the lights off in the room, made a barricade so that he couldn’t see anything out of his pack and play, and all layed very still and quiet, the boy nodded off around 11:00 pm.

And then he was up and at ’em at his usual time: 6:00 am. It’s amazing. He seemed to be in a good mood, so we had the Continental Breakfast (which was one of Jake’s favorite parts of the trip – along with mini soaps, the key cards and the Sheetz across the parking lot). He took a short nap after that and we were on our way to downtown Morgantown.

We strolled around for awhile and then headed to the riverfront park where the Mason-Dixon Festival was being held. It was a little bit of a letdown. We paraded around, taking in the local atmosphere, then making fun of it, then finding it a little bit sad, and finally settling on that it was entertaining. Isaac rode the Merry-Go-Round and seemed entirely indifferent. Jake went down a giant blowup slide and Jake and my Mom rode the Ferris Wheel with two whole other people. 🙂

After we’d had enough, we went back to the hotel. Isaac napped for a couple of hours (he hadn’t slept all day) and we all relaxed after our exciting outing. When he woke up, we went for a swim and then loaded back into the toaster for a trip to the local mall. We all made a few purchases, Jake and Derek played the claw machine for awhile and won some (poorly constructe) Simpson’s plush toys, and we went to an arcade. We left and settled on Pizza Hut for dinner, which was delicious and filling. Note: the Pizza Hut by the Morgantown Mall does NOT have a salad bar. Sad.

Back at the hotel, Derek stayed in the room while Isaac tried to fall asleep. Jake and my Mom and I went to the pool and jacuzzi. After waiting for our turn in the jacuzzi, my mom and I hopped in, only to quickly find ourselves surrounded by several children of inattentive parents. Annoyed, we cut the stay short.

We went back to the room where Isaac was still fighting sleep, but finally he did doze of while the rest of us watched tv and/or read books and finally went to bed ourselves. We woke up, lazily packed up and headed out to our respective hometowns. The drive back was smooth. The boy took a short nap at one point, which was nice, but he chose to stay awake for the most of it. He was pretty good, however, mostly due to an orange creme sucker I was letting him taste every now and then. He took a long nap upon our arrival home, and got up for dinner and a bath and went to bed at 7:00. His usual time. In his usual place. And everything is back to normal.

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