Dixie Classic Fair

It’s Dixie Classic Fair week!
We tried to go on Saturday, but had a long (and frustrating) encounter at Bank of America that left us a little strapped for time. So, Derek came home early yesterday and we headed there yesterday afternoon. We have some pictures, but they’re on Derek’s camera, so they’ll have to wait.

Yesterday was Lowe’s Foods Can Day, so we brought 5 cans each and got in for “free” – compared to the normal $7 fee. We found Steve, Lorena and Josiah and the fun began. First, we went to the petting zoo. Isaac and Josiah fed some goats. And Isaac pulled on some goat fur. He was more interested in trying to climb the railing than the goats, so he wound up back in his stroller. After a scrub down, we headed to “Yesterday Town”.

There was a musical act setting up and we watched a chainsaw sculptor work his magic. The boys walked around a little and showed off for the crowd, and then we headed for the food. Derek and Isaac and I would come back later for some of the music.

I had an elephant ear (fried dough) with powdered sugar, although after seeing Steve’s cinnamon, sugar and BUTTER topping, I am regretting my decision. 🙂 I later indulged in a frozen lemonade and we got the obligatory cotton candy and candy apples for the road. (I ate them later, after dinner and I still feel sick from it!)
Derek had a polish sausage sandwich and a funnel cake and some frozen lemonade, as well. The eating was good. I had high hopes to get a fried Snickers, but it just wasn’t going to happen after the elephant ear.

We walked around for awhile, so Isaac could check things out and then headed home. The boy was worn out! He went to bed early and slept a little bit late and then went down for a semi-early nap.

And that’s the story of the fair.

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