Leavin’…. On a Jet Plane

…except I do know when I’ll be back again.

Isaac and I are making the long journey to Florida tomorrow. We leave from Greensboro around 2:30ish, layover in Charlotte and then arrive in Tampa around 6:30ish. We come back on Tuesday.

I’m not really sure how I think flying on a plane will go. Everything with Isaac has always been a little bit stressful. He hates riding in a car seat. He hated his stroller at first, then he liked it, but he currently isn’t exceptionally fond of it. He certainly doesn’t like to sit still on any laps. So, all of this points to a potentially dreadful trip.

However, he does like to watch Baby Einstein and we’ll be bringing a DVD player. He also does a little better in car seats when someone (mostly me) rides next to him. And the flights are short. I can probably kill most of it with a bottle and/or feeding.

So, unless I squeeze in a quick post tomorrow, I will be gone from the bloggy world until Tuesday night (possibly Wednesday morning). Happy Weekend to all, and to all a Happy Weekend!!

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