We “discovered” that Isaac has two new tricks up his sleeve.

1. The other day, Derek looked over at Isaac, who had managed to climb up onto the coffee table and was quickly racing towards the other end. We suspect that a conveniently placed toy had aided in his ascent, but it was an impressive feat, nonetheless.

2. Isaac is prone to hurling himself off furniture in order to get down. He often takes head first dives off the couch and practically jumps from his high chair and car seat when he is sprung free of the restraining mechanisms. Most recently, he has learned how to hurl himself over the side of the bathtub. Fortunately, there has been an adult present and waiting to catch a wet, slippery, naked baby during these events. I wonder if he just assumes that will happen every time. I guess we probably shouldn’t introduce him to tough love just yet…

In other (unrelated) news, we go to the doctor tomorrow for a 9 month check-up. That is, if our doctor doesn’t have jury duty, which they called to warn us about on Thursday.
Also, after recovering quickly from my blah-sickness on Thursday and Friday, I have now found myself heading towards a cold. The runny nose began last night and is really gaining momentum as I type.

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