I love Autumn.

I do.
I like leaves and crisp, cool weather.
I like not mowing.
I like Thanksgiving in the near future and Christmas on the horizon.
I like my birthday.
I like remembering autumns past.
I like not needing a/c OR heat. I like needing a/c AND heat in the same day.
I rather enjoy driving with my windows open (and so does Sir Isaac).
I like Christmas movies.
I like pumpkin pie.
I like apple candles.
I like the smell of spiced cider.
I like pumpkin spice lattes.
I like the fireplace.
I like wool socks.
I like “Fall Back” (but I equally dislike “Spring Ahead”).
I like hats with ear flaps.
And mittens.
I like campfires. And roasted marshmallows.
I like cornucopias.


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