NY Trip Recap

It’s a little late, but I thought I would recap our exciting trip to New York. Batavia, NY that is.

Let’s see. While we were there we:

1. enjoyed a very less than stellar lunch trip to the Pok-a-dot. Man, that place is going downhill fast.
2. went for several brisk walks with the monster.
3. got some use out of some winter clothes that were likely to never have been worn by the time it gets cold here. (I bought some 12 month stuff way back when and Isaac has almost outgrown most of it.)
4. got a crack in the windshield of the Toaster.
5. ate a whole lot of m&m’s.
6. watched the Dolphins fall to 0-9 at the hands of our hated division rivals, the Buffalo Bills.
7. enjoyed a tasty throwback to my middleschool years – cheese soup.
8. visited the newly upgraded SUPER Wal-mart that has just reopened in Batavia.
9. stopped by Aunt Eleanor’s and Uncle Ray’s and Gramps and Carolyn’s.
10. Had lunch at Sporto’s, where the boy had a meal long meltdown. (Except for the parts where he had a french fry in his clutches).
11. Played a lot of Wii. (Jake got one for his birthday).
12. Scaled the hill at my parents house to observe the deer that Bobby shot.
13. Got Frankie up and running on Facebook.
14. Went to Jake’s party at the zoo. (already documented in a previous post).
15. went to a MAMMOTH rummage sale at Saint Anthony’s Church, that advertised “a million items”. There really probably was a million items. It was, in fact, mammoth. We got lots of unnecessary junk.

Um, I think that’s pretty much it. It really was pretty uneventful. The boy was not very chipper for most of the trip. I think winter trips might be not a very good idea for a rambunctious 9 month old. There wasn’t a lot for him to do and he seemed to get bored very fast.

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