Raleigh Bound…. I hope…

In an hour or so, Isaac and I will be heading out for Raleigh, North Carolina. He’s taking a nap right now. Or trying to anyways.

It’s like this….
It’s almost as if he knows that something is going to be happening. On days when I would really really like for him to get good rest and be on his normal routine, he gets all out of whack.
This morning, he woke up an hour early.
Then he cut his morning nap short by a half hour-ish.
Now, he’s having a really hard time taking his second nap. He woke up after about 45 minutes and he’s been squealing and screaming on and off for a little while now.
Normally, he’s a very wonderful sleeper. I don’t know what the problem is today.

We’re planning on leaving after his second nap and he’s got me quite worried that he’s going to be one ultra-crabby traveler. It makes me second guess the decision to go….

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