Raleigh Trip Update

Isaac and I returned from Raleigh this morning.
It was an action packed adventure.

We rolled in on Saturday night, after a relatively uneventful trip. We played and got some food and Isaac went to bed. Then we watched a movie. Correction: Sarah and Jack watched a movie. I fell asleep.

On Sunday, we went to get some food and coffee and Isaac played with all of the things he could get his hands on in the non-baby-compliant environment. Then, Isaac and I headed to my old church to catch up with loads of old Bethesda Baptist folks. We had lunch at Las Palmas with Timmmm and the Dowds.

Isaac and I went back to Sarah’s where he took a nap. I also dozed on and off a few times, while watching the football updates scroll across the tv screen. (Miami is 0-12). When he woke up, we went for a walk to get coffee. Isaac and myself, that is. When we got back, Sarah rolled in from work and we headed out to a reception at ye olde church. Sarah came to be an extra set of hands.

At the reception, we caught up with pretty much the same crowd as the morning, only with a bit more time for catching up, this go ’round. Isaac drank some green punch and had a chocolate cookie, but faded fast. We bid farewell and headed home. Isaac went to bed and once again, we watched a movie. Only, I slept.

Isaac woke up at 6:00 am and I packed us up and we headed out. He was very good on this ride as well, and even fell asleep at the end. He is still sleeping, after a very busy weekend.

And that’s how it all went down.

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