The Rest of the Week….

Isaac and I had a pretty uneventful week.

On Tuesday, we went up to Forbush so I could make some sense of last year’s calculus notes for this year’s calculus teacher. We made a few stops in other classrooms while there, visiting old pals.

On Wednesday, we visited Derek at work and went out to lunch at a pizza buffet. Isaac was very well behaved (which is quite unusual for him in restaurants). I think he liked the pizza.

Thursday, we tried to go to the mall and get some holiday shopping completed. However, at the register of my first attempted purchase, it came to my attention that I had arrived at the mall sans debit card. Isaac had lunch (I didn’t even have enough cash to get something for me) and we headed home. Before going into any stores, we did stop to play in the little kids play area. There’s a nice, thick, padded rug with various fruit themed play structures scattered about. Isaac had a wonderful time. He spent a long time perched atop a banana slice, squealing in delight at all of the passing toddlers, and showing his exuberance by alternating smacking the banana and throwing his hands up in the air wildly.

Yesterday, we only ventured out of the house for a trip to the grocery store, to purchase a few missing necessities (flavored creamer being one of those much needed items). We mostly just played. He’s getting a lot of fun to play with.

He’s also walking quite a bit. It’s still not his preferred mode of transportation, but if the situation is right, he’ll take off. That is, until he becomes somewhat uncomfortable or he turns his head around to see if I’m watching. Then, it’s back to the old standby, crawling.

Today, we are headed to Brayden Love’s 1st birthday party. I’m excited to see some adult friends from back in the day. And it’s crazy to think that Isaac’s birthday will be right around the corner. And that’s the update.

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