just an update because i’m bored…

…i don’t really have anything to say. it’s been quite uneventful around these parts.

let’s see…
isaac is yapping away in his crib, trying not to start his nap. he likes to procrastinate, making it hard to schedule anything these days. i like when he takes so long to get to sleep that by the time he wakes up from his nap it’s bedtime. only he’s not tired. on nights that i tutor, i’m sure derek loves that, too.

we just took a walk, during which mr. isaac t. decided that he was done riding in the stroller about 5 minutes from home. i think the snot on his face and the cold weather weren’t agreeing. so i carried him the rest of the way (uphill) (with lucy pulling the leash) (and pushing the stroller with whatever arm wasn’t holding a 23 pound baby-zilla).

what else?
ok. after our super fun cake making expo last friday, we’ve decided to do it every friday. this friday we’ll be making a firetruck cake for pj. next friday, we’ll be making isaac’s cake. (note: i am now taking suggestions for the theme of isaac’s cake). the friday after that, we’ll be tasked with making a cake for the newly arrived olivia f. after that, we have openings. so, rachel, maybe….

ummmmmm…. (this is a serious one)
i’m desperately trying to decide what to do next year as far as school vs. staying home goes. on some days, i can’t even fathom staying home for another year. on all days, i hate the thought of leaving the boy. i miss teaching. mostly the kids. not really the grownups. or even the math. just being in that environment. i’m so incredibly torn. and i have to tell my school what i plan to do by april 1st, or i don’t get to go back. well, i guess maybe i could. but, until april 1st, it’s guaranteed. anyhooo… that’s what’s been plaguing most of my waking thoughts for the last month or so.

well, it seems that the boy hasn’t made any peeps in the last few minutes, so maybe he’s nodded off. that means: i can a) get something done, b) take a nap myself, c) shower after having carried the boy, dog and stroller uphill for five whole whopping minutes or d) surf the internets.

hmmm…..decisions, decisions.

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