one year ago today…

….was the last day of freedom that i would know.

(he turns one tomorrow.)

there’s not much to report from the lidbom camp these days. isaac is currently lying in bed, alternating crying, playing, and yelling momomomom. he’s really trying hard not to sleep. perhaps he’s having a throwback to the olden days of little sleep. i don’t know what to do with him.

he’s also been not eating, as of late. for example, this morning, he ate about 15 cheerios for breakfast (and a stray piece of dogfood). last night, he ate approximately 4 bites of baby food, before calling it quits. again, i don’t know what to do with him.

in other news, derek bought a steam cleaner for the carpets, and we know have a stripe down the living room floor – on one side, there’s nice, clean, fluffy carpet, and on the other side is dirty, matted down, yucky carpet. we’ll finish the task soon. i hope.

finally, i would like to take this time to state that i hate the new england patriots and i would love nothing more than to see them taken down by slack-jawed eli manning and the ny giants, causing their perfect* season to be all in vain.

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