15 Minute Recharge

Apparently, Isaac only needs 15 minutes of nap per day.

He woke up around 7:45 this morning and we headed to church at 9:30 or so. He had a complete and total meltdown in the toddler room, amplified by the fact that he knew I was next door in the nursery. I switched places with a toddler room worker, but Isaac still had a pretty rough time with the rest of the (older and bigger) toddlers.

After church, he ran around, full throttle, for about 45 minutes with Dad, while we cleaned the toddler room. We hopped in the car and headed to Chipotle with Carlye and Steph (who, incidentally, are also both addicted to Lost), and Chris. Isaac ate approximately one chicken (mc)nugget and six french fries. After this (we’re at about 1:15 by now), we headed to Kernel Kustard to try out the flavor of the day. Isaac fell asleep en route.

He slept for about 15 minutes at KK, while we savored some delicious Cupcake Kustard, complete with actual frosting, sprinkles and cake. When he woke, we headed home, where I gave the boy a bottle and put him in bed. For the next 1 1/2 to 2 hours, Isaac entertained himself and us with singing, talking, banging, and making various noises. Around 4:00 pm, I decided that I’d rather he just stay up and go to bed early, so I headed up to get him.

He had cleared out his crib. Everything was overboard. He was holding onto the edge of his crib and running in place. As fast as he could. He saw me and went wild. He started laughing and running, back and forth in his crib. He was out of control! It was awesome. (Sorry there’s no pics or videos to accompany this story).

We went to visit Derek’s mom and dad, came home and ate and he was completely crashed by 7:10. He is wide open.

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