saturday afternoon’s alright for partying

isaac’s cousin caison celebrated his 3rd birthday with a party on saturday. here are some shots of the birthday boy and isaac at the party.

isaac seemed to enjoy the cake just slightly more than he did at his own birthday.

but, he didn’t eat the cake. instead he crushed it in his little fists.

he almost made off with this open can of pop, left by some unsuspecting party-goer.

caison, while unattended and admiring his cake, let his appetite and curiosity get the best of him and got a head start on the cake. let the records show that he did keep his “hands off!”

Not really sure when it’s ok to blow out the candles…

Ok, NOW!

Digging in, in true 3 year old fashion…

Opening of the many gifts… with help from friends and family.

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