7 random facts

so, normally, i would just ignore this little tag game, but i didn’t want to leave judi hanging. we all know how sensitive she is.

so, without further ado… 7 random facts about me…

1. i am a complete music junkie. i can pull up a song lyric pertaining to almost any situation. my tastes cover nearly all genres and it’s quite random. check my ipod for proof.
2. i wore the same jeans everyday for one month in high school. so did sarahpowers. i don’t know if anyone noticed. if they did, i don’t think they cared. and if they cared, they probably realized that i did not care.
3. this fact is not unknown, or even random, but it’s a fact nonetheless: i heart all manner of candy. sweetarts, sprees, gummi bears, sour patch kids, gobstoppers, nerds, jellybeans, mike and ike (and all related friends), swedish fish, blow pops, fun dip, pixie sticks, laffy taffy… need i go on?
4. i was nearly an art major in college. i chose math because it was more practical. and i thought that art major could only lead to teaching art, and… who wants to be a high school teacher??? (note: irony).
5. i love to smell isaac’s feet. even when they smell bad.
6. my favorite color is wildcat blue, more commonly known as royal blue. my college’s colors were royal blue and gray and we looked a lot like the ghetto version of the kentucky wildcats. we even painted our kitchen wildcat blue.
7. i have a garden. well, not currently. currently, i have seeds in peat pots. but, i will have a garden soon. and it will provide veggies. and i will be happy.

well, there you have it. the people i wish to tag at this time, to complete a list themselves are: lorena and jennyigotyournumber (for laughing at me about doing this) and thepennerpack and jessie d and thepittmans (because it’s only words – no pictures) and debbiethemom and thejohnsonfamily. 🙂

you’re welcome. and, if you choose not to, i will not be offended, like joooodi.

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