adventures of sarah and isaac in batavia, part b

well, we’re not actually in batavia anymore. we came to buffalo on saturday to stay with my sister les-o-lie (and husband eric, and trio of dogs, shelby, ollie and louie).

we haven’t really done much here. the boy likes to run barefoot through the house, because she’s got an array of textures for his little toes. starting at the back of the house, the bedroom has older, berber type carpet, the kitchen has tiles, the living room is hardwood with a big fluffy carpet, then hardwood again and a less fluffy carpet in the office. there’s also a number of dog beds and poofy furniture for his climbing enjoyment. other than that, and a few walks around downtown buffalo, we haven’t got much to report.

tomorrow, we may or may not hang with frankie, before heading back to batavia. very boring. perhaps i will try to post pictures soon? we’ll see….

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