adventures of sarah and isaac in batavia, part one

it’s cold in ny. it was around 32 degrees for most of the day yesterday. isaac doesn’t really prefer the snow. neither do i.

we’ve kept ourselves pretty busy so far. my mom’s house is not exactly baby friendly. there’s not much space and there’s a lot of stuff that he can get into. it’s also got a lot of sharp edges. so, that said, we try to get out and do things for most of his awake time. get out into the cold weather. fun.

so, we’ve been to visit the “new isaac”. julie (redband) varland just had a new baby a few weeks ago and named him isaac. it was pretty confusing for her older one, with two isaacs in the room. we also visited my aunt eleanor and uncle ray. isaac did his best to destroy their house. they didn’t seem to mind. that night, we went out for pizza and wings at paulie’s pizza. my collegiate sister julie and her new boyfriend came, too. then, we came home and isaac had a bath and went to bed.

yesterday, the boy was only up for about an hour before we decided that he needed more sleep. he went back down from 9:30 to 12. we met my mom for lunch at tim horton’s, then we went to the salvation army, the bank, and wal-mart, before finally picking up jake at school and heading home. after a short (interrupted) nap, we bundled back up and went to my old high school, to see some old teachers and that was totally awesome.

so, i just realized that this blog post is completely boring. but, my camera is outside and all the way up the hill, so i won’t be making a dedicated trip, just to post pictures. soon, i promise. until then, the boring adventures of sarah and isaac in ny will have to do.

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