family visit update: text only version

so far…

1. we all went to kernel kustard for two meals.
2. my mom and i shopped at various discount stores (once upon a child, plato’s closet, rugged warehouse).
3. jake, mom and i shopped at a more fancy store: target!
4. we all took the boys (isaac and jake) to the park.
5. mom, jake and i went for a walk with the stupid dogs (lucy and zeke).
6. carlye b. came over for some dinner and a rousing game of loaded questions (the mom won).
7. various participants played the wii, although not even close to the amount played over christmas.
8. the mom and i hit some garage sales (and scored big for isaac – a little tikes car, a sandbox and huge box of legos).
9. all of us (at first) and some of us (after it got scary) watched i am legend.
10. all of us went to church.
11. isaac learned to take off his pants and hide them behind the tv.
12. jake changed a #2 diaper. (note: he put the clean diaper on backwards – a feat i’m not sure i could accomplish).

pretty boring.
pictures to come.

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