past, present and future

i have been posting a lot of pictures lately, but not much information. not that anyone really cares about the information. i’ll write it anyway.

1. went to a twin city cyclones game on friday night with our youth group. it was AWESOME! i got to sit on the zamboni (i couldn’t ride it when it cleaned the ice because there’s not an extra seat). there were 4 fights. we formed a cheering section in the corner and when “our guy” scored the game winner, he skated over to us and jumped up into the glass as we pounded away. that was sweet. enjoyed some nachos. threw some rubber pucks onto the ice. um, it was pretty much the best night ever.
2. had the “new” truck in for some repairs. nothing bad. just making sure it doesn’t explode on the way to or from target or food lion. hopefully, after an alignment, we’ll be set for awhile and car payment free…
3. purchased some new furniture. long story. while cleaning aforementioned truck (suv), i got some “gook” on my shoe. then i sat on the couch, smearing the gook onto the couch. an attempt to clean left a large discolored area on the couch. the loveseat has been broken for several years, so it was time to replace. the new furniture is red. it arrived this afternoon. isaac didn’t like it at first, but he’s ok with it now.
4. isaac’s been doing a lot of playing outside. he loves outside. hates inside. he bangs on the door and cries when we don’t “let him out” with lucy. he would play outside all day long.

1. i’m lying on the new giant chaise lounge chair. it’s gaining an advantage in my internal struggle between nostalgia (old comfy couch) and, well, sweet, red, new couch.
2. i am not sleepy, despite the late hour, due to a 9:00 cup of brew nerds house blend. smart.

1. babysitting cora again tomorrow. makes for a busy day. but, it’s fun and it helps a friend out. and isaac learns to share. sort of. share or be bitten, i guess. 🙂
2. deb and jake (gramma and uncle) arrive tomorrow afternoon/night from ny for some good times.
3. church on friday night. good friday night.

and that’s what’s going down around here.

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