our new wheels

here’s a shot of the isuzu rodeo we just bought on ebay. we scored a pretty sweet deal on it and the mechanic gave it a clean bill of health, so we’re pretty excited about it.

we are getting rid of the element for several reasons:
1. i am not going back to school in the fall and this frees up some car payment money.
2. i hated the element doors. if someone parked to close, it was nearly impossible to get the boy in and out.
3. i hated the element back seat. it was so far back away from the door, that getting the boy in and out has been difficult. when he was rear-facing, i had to get all the way in and out of the car everytime. now that he’s bigger and foward-facing, it’s not as bad, but i think that it will get harder and harder as he gets heavier and taller.
4. also, since i’m staying home next year, i don’t need an ultra-reliable vehicle. i have a cellphone and it’s not like we venture out very far these days… an old, used rodeo can do the job.

that said — anyone want an element?

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