adventures of sarah and isaac in batavia, finale

well, we’re leaving today. we’re going to drive to fairmont, west virginia tonight, where we’ll we meet up with derek, hit a hotel for the night and finally head out in the morning.

the weather got a little bit semi-nice yesterday. we went to the pok-a-dot before we showered. isaac ate TWO pieces of toast. this is double his usual toast input and can be attributed to the extremely high proportion of butter to bread. after a nap, we picked up the grams for lunch at wendy’s. why wendy’s, you ask? well, i forgot my atm card and $10 in cash was all that was on hand. we hit the value menu pretty hard.

then, isaac and i went to austin park for a little while, then to aunt “nano” and uncle ray’s for a final visit. we picked up jake, went to walmart for some trip supplies and watched “my name is earl” and went to bed….

today, the boy is very destructive. he’s emptied the contents from under the sink, taken out all the candles and playing cards, removed every item from the coffee table, attempted to empty all the cans from the pantry and dumped goldfish all over the floor. some of these things have happened more than once. oh, and i came in from brushing my teeth, to find him on the table, dipping his hand in old coffee. and most recently, he’s been putting things over the railing to the staircase and dropping them into the downstairs abyss. i think it may be time for a nap.

so, unless we have the internets on our computers at the hotel, this is it until i’m back in the tobacco state…

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