adventures of sarah and isaac in batavia, part IV

not too much excitement going on here.

isaac and i stayed with frankie on monday night. then we came back to batavia in the early afternoon (frankie included) and went to aunt eleanor’s where she prepared an awesome lasagna dinner.

then, uncle ray pulled out some OLD OLD OLD videos. 22 years old, to be exact. jake laughed at the 1986 version of all of us (and we laughed at ourselves as well). one of the “episodes” was the christmas that leslie and i received our matching sweaters and leg warmers.

we came back to the beach front property for the night and had a ridiculously uneventful day yesterday. we met my mom for lunch at pontillo’s. we went to a baby consignment store in batavia (where the 4ish year old son of the owner kept pushing isaac down and making him cry and i decided not to buy anything). we visited julie varland (and nate and anna and new isaac). and then we picked up jake paine from school.

after isaac’s nap and dinner, we visited 13 gateway drive, where we saw krista and her fat pregnant belly (and dropped off a baby gift since my mom won’t be at the shower because she’ll be driving me halfway to the 3-3-6).

today looks to be another boring day. so does friday. stay tuned for all the excitement….

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