Batavia, NY – Text Only Update

We’re back from Batavia, NY 14020.

Between staying at my Aunt Ano’s (Eleanor’s) and Uncle Ray’s at night, where there was no broadband internet access, and running around like crazy to keep the boy happy during the day, it was hard to post any updates.

Some of the highlights of the trip were:
A playdate at Austin Park with Julie Redband (Varland) and her little ones, Anna and new Isaac.
A fish fry at Jackson Street Grill with Aunt E. and Uncle R.
A visit to the freshly opened Target store in Batavia. Who would have ever thought?
Chillin’ with my mom’s cottage neighbors.
A short trip to the beach.
The obligatory trip to the Pok-a-dot, so Derek could get his Italian Omelet fix.
A couple of stops at Adam Miller toys, one for Isaac toys, one for Aunt E. to pick up some gifts for relatives.
A visit to Gramps and Carolyn’s so they could see the monster.
A visit from Frankie. Great Uncle Frankie. Hehe.
A delicious homecooked meal by Aunt E. for the whole entire family.

The ride home was relatively uneventful. We got in around 7:30 last night and spent the evening settling in and relaxing.

I’ll post pictures eventually.

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