so, in an effort to make my blog more informative and less picture-ous, here is a post about what is going on in the life and times of the lidbombs…

1. can identify most body parts on himself, other humans and poor sweet lucy.
2. still only eats a few staples of nutrition and seems unwilling to venture out into new territory. these are: spaghetti, rice, chicken (grilled and nugget form), turkey slices, almonds (he LOVES them and is known to drag me to the cupboard for them), green beans (whole or babyfood), peas (only in babyfood form, please), craisins, banana, cheerios, raisin bran, french fries and goldfish crackers.
3. takes one nap a day for about 1.5-2 hours and sleeps about 11 hours at night.
4. talks nonsense incessantly. actually, i think he’s saying things, but it’s not very clear just yet. i can make out “daddy”, “dog”, “down”, “bye bye”, “where’s (insert name here – but it sounds like ‘dada’ everytime)?”, “there he/she is”, “close the door”, “where’s the dog”, “trash”, “diaper”, “store”, “stuck”, and our proudest, “stupid”. i’m sure there’s more, but these are the common ones.
5. loves to play with shape sorters and board puzzles.
6. is OCD. if he finds a toy that is part of a set, he’s on a warpath to unite it with it’s friends. he likes all the doors to be closed all the way. he likes the chairs to be pushed in under the table. he insists on throwing away all trash or anything that looks like it might be trash. he even stopped tonight, at derek’s parents’ house, to put the remote on the arm of the chair, where it belonged, before we could leave.
7. is still a climbing, running, jumping, yelling, rolling, tumbling, never-sit-still-ever-not-even-for-a-minute kind of boy.

1. is gearing up for another year of tutoring young math students.
2. is ready to shed the isaac weight once and for all.
3. is going to stick to a strict schedule of household chores and tasks, working out and eating properly until said isaac weight is gone once and for all. well, i’ll probably still stick to it after that too. 🙂
4. has several cakes to make on the horizon. it’s stressful, but exciting all at the same time.
5. has turned a large crop of roma tomatoes into a surprisingly small amount of spaghetti sauce.
6. still hates wire grass and crab grass.
7. wishes there were more time in the day or that the naps were consistently longer.
8. can’t believe how time flies.

1. has been slaving away at work a lot lately. which he likes, so that’s good.
2. played a lot in his wood shop this weekend.
3. is also going to stick to the strict schedule as outlined in my (sarah’s) #3.
4. see sarah’s #6.
5. see sarah’s #7.
6. see sarah’s #8.

so, there you have it. a bunch of words. no pictures.

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