patterson farms

after church today, we made a spontaneous decision to go to patterson farms to check out the pumpkin patch. it was a little bit crazy, considering the sleep schedule adjustments we were going through due to the time change, but we figured all crabby boys would get over their sleepiness when they saw the wonders that patterson farms would behold.

i’ve only posted a few pictures here. for one, i’m having a little trouble with blogger. for two, derek took one zillion pictures and i put a lot of them in picasa, which you can view here, at your leisure. and since there’s slightly fewer than one zillion good pictures of our day, i think posting them once will suffice. our internet connection is smoking…

isaac loves tractors. he calls everything with a loud motor a tractor. it was one of his first words (that he said clearly). he was pretty excited to check one out:

the corn room was a definite favorite. it was hard to get him to leave. i think this picture captures his unadulterated joy the best:

this is just pretty cute. he’s in the bottom of a boat (ark?) shaped play structure, peering out:

and finally, riding a big fake tractor shaped play structure:

that was our day.
oh, and for the record, he slept for about 45 minutes on the way and was a complete ANGEL the whole day. the ride home was a little tough, but we were loaded up with treats, so we kept him pumped full of sugar and all was well.

also – we never made it to the pumpkin patch. all the other stuff was so much fun and we ran out of time!

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