we had thanksgiving festivities at our house this year. pretty exciting. isaac was a little sleepy and/or sick to start the day, and spent the entire morning on the couch, like so:


i just like this picture:


trying to get all of paw paw’s great-grand-boys to sit still and take a picture. we didn’t even worry about all looking at the camera…


the boys all got to have a thanksgiving picnic on a blanket in the living room.


the older boys got distracted from the picnic by the popper:


we do a partial christmas exchange (derek’s cousin’s kids). isaac missed the mayhem, but after his nap, he got to open his presents:


the train was a hit:


after he opened his gifts, derek’s mom took him to her house for his first sleepover. he loves to go to his gramma’s house. we picked him up friday morning and he was exhausted. he spent the whole morning in the chair watching tv, before dozing off around noon….


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