sick week.

highlights (?) of last week:

sunday: we all skipped church due to ultra snotty noses, coughs and colds

monday: the rest of the world returned to work. isaac and i did the same thing we always do.

tuesday: derek stayed home from work, sick. in the afternoon, isaac began throwing up for the evening. after the last episode, which primarily consisted of water, he told us “i spilled water on the floor”. sad and cute.

wednesday: derek’s mom seemingly contracted the same bug. isaac demanded that today is the day he starts wearing underwear. i was cautiously optimistic and spent the entire day asking him if he wanted to go potty and giving him lots of smarties. overall, there were 4 puddles on the floor and about 4 drops in the potty. i’m hopeful…

thursday: isaac begins a 4 day long case of diarrhea. potty training attempt number one comes to an abrupt stop. in the afternoon, i begin the throwing up. thursday night was a rough one.

friday: derek stays home. i stay in bed most of the day.

saturday: everyone is feeling better. i even get back to the gym (unlike most times when sickness strikes and i use it as a catapult into long gym and healthy diet hiatuses).

so, that’s the last week….
this week will be better.
this week will be better.
this week will be better.

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