cyber baby book

sorry for the long drought from posting. we’ve been a little bit busy. not so busy that i couldn’t do facebook for hours upon hours, but busy enough that i couldn’t do facebook AND blog. 🙂

i thought, since i don’t keep a baby book (slacker mom), i should start putting some milestones/accomplishments/status updates on the boy here. so, without further ado:

favorite foods:
turkey, french fries (this tops the list, actually), pistachios, bananas, green beans, grapes, apples, ice cream (a new development, actually. before a couple of weeks ago, he wouldn’t touch it), any batter on the electric mixer beater, cheese (“rice cheese” which = shredded cheese), rice and noodles.

isaac can count to ten, sort of. he either needs a bit of guidance, or he leaves off 4, 5, and 8. worse, he’s prone to getting stuck on 6,7, 6,7, 6,7…
he’s putting together short little sentences. well, they’re more like commands. (“mama! sit right here!”, “shut up, lucy”, “come here, lucy”, “get downstairs, lucy”…)
he can identify these shapes: circle, oval, rectangle, square, triangle, diamond, octagon (which is any 5+ sided figure), and trapezoid.
he knows the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, gray, pink and white.
he thinks all letters are “I”.
he will gladly repeat anything you say to him or near him.

favorite toys:
shape sorter, cardboard nesting/stacking blocks, balls, ball popper (yes, it’s still a big hit in our house).
isaac would play with play-doh and/or markers/crayons all the day long if i would let him. and he would eat play-doh all day long too.

so, that’s about it. i’ve got a ton of pictures from the last few weeks to sort through and then i’ll be posting some. maybe. probably.

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