wny trip

two weekends ago, we made a short and spontaneous trip to the buffalo/batavia area. here’s the proof:

isaac and derek coming down the stairs, amidst the snow and ice and slippery-ness.


isaac and anna (varland) making an artwork duet.


attempting for a pose in front of the ginormous tree at aunt eleanor’s and uncle ray’s house.


eating toast at the pok-a-dot.


derek’s massive meal at the pok-a-dot. to be fair, the bacon was for isaac.


i played a little hockey with some old high school friends.


isaac checked out some piles of snow.


julie (donning my mom’s atrocious hat) played with isaac at leslie’s house.


jumping on leslie’s bed (instead of sleeping).


all of us on leslie’s giant couch.


jake, terry and isaac reading. this would be terry’s last good moment. here, he’s getting up to go get some pellets for the stove. he slipped on the ice and broke his collarbone. not good times.


isaac, taking a bath in the sink.


playing with some vintage little peeps at aunt e and uncle r’s while bo, the dog, looks on.


on the ride home, we happened upon some stopped traffic in the middle of west virginia.


we got out and conversed with some fellow stopped travelers and took some shots of the wreckage.


it’s hard to see here, but what caused it all was an overturned log truck. logs everywhere. they brought in a frontloader and pushed them all in the median. given the situation, it was a relatively short delay.


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