practice baby holding…

isaac had his first stab at holding another baby yesterday, when jessica brought 3 month old graelyn over for a visit. he wasn’t really interested at first, but i kept seeing him sneaking peeks at graelyn and then this conversation took place:

isaac: is that a baby?
jessica: yes. she’s a baby.
isaac: she’s pretty nice.
jessica: she has been a pretty nice baby, tonight.
isaac: she’s pretty cool.
jessica: do you want to try holding her?
isaac: um. ok.

not wanting to miss the opportunity, we grabbed the camera, got isaac situated and placed the unsuspecting baby on his lap. as you can see from the picture, he didn’t really want to touch her and after about 10 seconds he said, “can you get the baby off of me?”…

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  1. oh my goodness. did you know your boy had grown up? he looks like a "too cool" teenager in this pic. i love his hand on the couch! what a cutie.

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