isaac quotes

in new york:
jake: isaac, do you want some skittles?
isaac: i have to ask mom first.
(pitter patter of feet as he comes to find me).
isaac: mom, can i ask you if i can have some skittles.
me: yes.
isaac: can i have some skittles?

at a rest stop:
a man, who was most likely a biker, dressed in a black leather jacket and a black hat held the door for me and isaac. as isaac passed through, he turned and asked, “mom, is that a cowboy?”

when we pulled in from our long trip to ny and derek was waiting for us to help unload:
“mom! there’s dad! he’s looking at our new, broken car.”

after stepping on lucy’s tail didn’t result in a bark (as it usually does):
“i gotta find a screwdriver to change lucy’s battery…”

following a pretty good bump on the head:
isaac ran over to me crying, “i’m gonna live. i’m gonna live, mom”.
(often, following less severe injuries, i ask, “are you ok? do you think you’ll live?”)

birthday party:
while in ny, and on isaac’s actual birthday, we had a little party with new york family and convinced isaac that he was no longer two and was now three. last week, after the dust had settled from our trip, we had a little nc gathering and celebrated again. and this was a bit confusing….
“i was three and now i have a birthday and i’m four.”

there’s so many more… and of course, when i sit down to write them, i can’t remember them at all…

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  1. The Redfields says:

    I LOVE the one about Lucy's batteries!

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