bring on the sugar.

i’m 30 weeks today. 10 to go.

the big news of the last week of being pregnant is that i had the delightful experience of taking the 3 hour version of the glucose test last friday and it revealed that i do not have gestational diabetes and that the one hour test was just a fluke. so that’s good. i can resume my normal (box of sprees a day) candy eating habits…

so, 10 weeks. we’re in pretty good shape. the room is painted. we have a lot of big ticket items, either leftover from the boy or on loan from eliot. we even have a full closet of clothes, thanks to eliot.
we’re planning on heading to ikea this weekend to finish furnishing the girl’s room. then, all that will be left is decor. which, well, there’s plenty of time for. you know, since i still haven’t finished decorating the boy’s room…

the biggest thing that is left for us to do is to pick a name. we’re not doing so hot. we have a few that we’re tossing around. i was pretty settled on one name, early on, but derek wasn’t really on board. now, he’s given me the ok to move forward with that name, and i’m the unsure one. so, when we know, you’ll know. 🙂

finally, some really exciting news… i’m already the same weight as i was with isaac when he was born. so that’s pretty encouraging. ok, that’s sarcastic. i started out with a pretty big head start, so i’m not surprised, but it’s still a little traumatizing to be standing on a scale at your highest weight of all time with 10 weeks left of growing a baby inside.

here’s my 30 week post with isaac lidbom.

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  1. I feel you on the weight thing. I can't seem to keep it away from me. I blame the boys…for many reasons. 🙂 Just don't worry and eat your candy!

    I can't wait to hear which of my lovely name suggestions makes the final cut!

    Curid Lidbom

  2. So glad you don't have gestational diabetes…it's the pits.

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