frilly shower fun

on saturday, some cool girls from salem chapel threw a shower for me and the soon-to-arrive baby lidbom 2.0 (who, incidentally, does have a name, to be revealed soon)…

i don’t have any pictures to tell the tale, but it was an extremely pink and frilly affair. i even sported a boa and a tiara. ridiculous.

anyhooo… lots of great friends turned out and we scored some super sweet loot… lots of not-too-frilly, super cute clothes and shoes, some starter packs of diapers, a few stuffed toys, some receiving blankets (even though i’m still not really sure what they are for) and lots of generous gift cards to fill in the necessities.

several awesome friends went in and scored us a sit-n-stand stroller, putting an end to my craigslist obsession to find one. i’m super excited for it. mostly excited to stroll around town with the boy and the girl, unloading the baby pounds… hopefully two baby’s worth.

kristin boone gave us a free photo shoot for the girl. she takes terrific pictures (as documented here. and here. and again here. so, i’m excited for that. now i’ve just got to clear some wall space for the girl’s pics…

anyhooo… when some of the pictures come rolling in (and i know they will, on account of said boa and tiara), i’ll be posting…

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  1. pictures pleeeeeaaasssseeeee

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