10 days…

ten days until this baby is due. hoping sooner. hoping more for NOT later. 🙂

i’m pretty tired these last few days. probably some because of the giant stomach i’m carrying around and probably mostly from intermittent sleep. last night, for the first part of the night, i woke up every half an hour. for the second part of the night, the wee hours of the morning, i woke up every hour. sometimes, i like to wake all the way up, so that i can heave my body into a new sleeping position. sometimes, to make sure i’m all the way awake, i get up and go to the bathroom.

other than that, everything is good with this pregnancy. i’m just starting to get cankles, and they’re not too bad. depends on the weather, time of day, what i’ve been doing, etcetera. not like with isaac, where i woke in the morning with tree trunks straight to my feet and by the end of the day, my ankles were practically pouring out over the tops of my shoes.

and my blood pressure has been down and all the other stuff that went wrong with the boy seems to be going right… so, hip hip hooray, i guess i’ll get to be pregnant longer…

in other news, isaac seems pretty excited for his baby sister, anna. of course, he has absolutely no idea what he’s in for. but, he talks about her a lot. and we’ve been pumping him up as the responsible and helpful big brother. we’ll see what he thinks when all this talk comes to fruition.

we still feel like there’s so much to do, but i think we have the basics covered. i have been slowly packing a bag for the hospital. why i don’t do it all at once, i don’t know. today, i packed an iphone charger. maybe later, i’ll put some clothes in there. :). isaac’s bag is packed in my imagination. some clothes and cash ought to cover him. he’s either heading off to derek’s parents, where they’re fully equipped to handle a toddler boy for a few days, or to some friends, who will be supplied with enough cash to keep him alive on chicken nuggets and french fries for the short time span. 🙂

i set up the pack n play as our bassinet in the bedroom. the car seat has high hopes of being installed in the next day or so. and we have diapers and wipes. and clean clothes.

that’s how it’s going on the baby lidbom 2.0 front.

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