happy “due date” to you!

dear anna the fetus,

today is your due date. it’s time to become a baby. let’s do this thing. it would be pretty sweet to have a cinco de mayo birthday, you know. it would seem like everyone was celebrating your birthday with fiestas, every year. just sayin.

i don’t know if you’re just pretty comfortable because you hear that loud kid on the outside, who never stops talking, and you would like to avoid having to deal with that for as long as possible… but, trust me, he’s pretty cute and you get used to it. he is even sort of excited to have a sister. (he doesn’t actually know what he’s in for).

so, to conclude, i’m not a huge fan of being pregnant. i don’t mind doing my time, but i’m not crazy about extra time. so, let’s get moving today. ok?

i’m packing up the maternity clothes today. buying some ribeyes to eat medium rare. and purchasing some saranac.

see you later…

your mom.
(aka: the one whose uterus you are currently taking up residence in).

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  1. Michelle says:

    I love this post! Very awesome! Come on Anna! lets get a move on for your mom and dad and Isaaczilla!

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