anna’s first big adventure

with beautiful weather in the forecast for the day, and a mom and boy itching to get out of the house, we decided to head to the natural science center in greensboro. we packed up the entire contents of our house (it felt like) and rolled on down the road…

the springy teeter-totter like contraption.

water table:

examining the current:

too cool:

inside the kitchen hut:

anna was conked out most of the day in the bjorn:

isaac and derek checking out the sweet marble contraption:

view of sweet marble contraption:

obviously, all of these pictures depict a delightful day, but such was not the case…

most of the trip consisted of either one or two kids whining and crying. isaac hated being outside. anna hated (read: screamed in) her carseat for most of the day. it was 90 degrees. isaac didn’t really care about most of the exhibits. to end the trip, isaac dozed off in the car and just as we pulled onto our street, he awakened screaming he was wet. so, now i have a pee soaked car seat to contend with…

but, we got out. got fresh air. survived. 🙂

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