one month

anna is one month old today. it’s gone by fairly quickly, i suppose. more quickly at first than it’s going now. she’s getting a little tougher. a little more needy. and a little less likely to sleep. it’s definitely challenging here and there. (like right now, that she’s awakening from a nap way way way too early…)

last night, we were fighting to keep her awake for just a few minutes so we could eat dinner before we bathed her and put her to bed. this was at 6:40. after her bath, she was awake until 10:40. it makes no sense. and it’s irritating. the good news was, after she finally went to sleep, she slept until 4am-ish. so, that was nice.

i would love to be able to duct tape a pacifier to her face. i think she would sleep much more consistently if i were allowed to do that. i should check some baby websites to see where pediatricians stand on that… i’m pretty sure i already know.

all this lack of sleep and neediness is hard on isaac. he’s feeling pretty neglected. and that sucks. i don’t want to wish away my life, but i’m really looking forward to getting out of this infant time. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i’m not a big fan of little bitty babies. at least this time around, i have a better perspective… that it will go by in a flash and i’ll hardly remember it. with isaac, there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

well, that’s all the rambling i have for now. it’s hard to compose my thoughts with an awakening baby on the other side of the room. 🙂

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  1. hang in there. i so remember those days. issac will be just fine. and no, you can't do that with the pacifer. i considered many alternatives. i even bought this stuff animal with the paci attached to it that's suppose to stay on their belly, that didn't work either. things did get progressively easier!

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