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i’ve tried to start this blog post a few times now and have come to the conclusion that it will probably be the most boring blog post ever in the history of blog posts.  so, rather than try for a catchy title and witty intro, this is what you get.  an apology.

the girl:

anna is doing well.  she’s a lot bigger.  i think she’s in the 11-12 pound range.  she is taking ok naps these days.  some are short.  some are really long.  some come easy.  some take work.  most take place in the swing.  we are depleting the piedmont triad of it’s supply of D batteries.  night time sleep has been a different story, of late.  she takes for-ev-er to get to sleep.  every time.  that’s actually nothing new.  but then, she’s up every hour or two all night long.  frustrating.  i’m one or two nights away from resigning her night time sleep to the swing too.

while awake, the annababy has kept us appeased with smile after smile.  smiles while she’s drinking a bottle and milk runs out of her mouth.  smiles when we’re trying to get her to sleep.  smiles when she first wakes up in the middle of the night and you pick her up.  she’s one sneaky girl.

she’s rolled over from front to back a few times for us.  isaac is always very proud of her when she performs this trick.  she seems on the verge of rolling back, but i suppose that’s quite away off from now.  she can get from her back to her side.  seems like a gust of wind would complete the back to front roll, but we’ll wait for her to complete the task on her own.

anna really seems to enjoy being outside.  unfortunately, outside time has been scarce lately, thanks to sweltering hot temperatures.  hopefully we”ll get back into the 80s soon and outside time can commence.

in final anna news, due to a switch in her diet (all breast milk to 1/2 breast milk, 1/2 formula), the girl is having a bit of, well, stoppage.  if we don’t have some movement by tomorrow, some intervention may be required.  she’s been a trooper through it.  i wouldn’t know anything was going on at all, had i not kept been carefully logging the data on my iphone.

the boy:

isaac is another story.  he’s had it pretty rough lately.  he spends a lot of time in time out and in his room.  it’s a combination (i think) of the lack of constant attention, being 3.5, new rules, exhaustion and all around frustration.  we usually start our day on the right foot.  relaxing with some cartoons and breakfast.  at some point, isaac will either break an existing rule or do something that necessitates defining a new rule.  sometimes i can deal with it right away (anna is asleep or chilling somewhere).  sometimes i can’t and i make threats of future punishments.  then, sometimes isaac is agreeable.  but, most times he’s not.  a time out ensues.  frustration ramps up.  yelling and crying begins.  and off to the room he goes.  when it gets to this point, there’s no talking him down.  we just have to let him tantrum it out in his room.  then, a switch goes off and he comes down, a completely delightful boy, and life goes on.  most of these episodes happen on days when he doesn’t get a nap.  (remember the time out chair nap?).  so, i’m really trying to get diligent and make him take a nap every day.  he might stay up way later, but at least he’ll be nice.

there you have it.

boringest post ever.

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  1. Aunt Kristin says:

    It probably doesn’t make you feel any better, but there’s been a lot of yelling, screaming, tantrum throwing, and time out sitting in our house this week too. Maybe it’s in the water?

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