Said the boy

Background: Isaac got a new ball with a handle on it, which he hasn’t completely mastered yet. He was bouncing dangerously close to Anna, who was on the floor on a blanket. Also, we utilize pinching as a disciplinary technique….
Me: if you jump on anna’s head, I’ll pinch your butt 100 times. I’ll pinch your butt right off.
Isaac: I don’t want you to pinch my butt off. Then I can’t poop.

Discussing a doctors appointment…
Me: we have to take Anna to the doctor today.
Isaac: I don’t want you to shot me.
Me: I won’t give you a shot.
Isaac: I don’t want the other guys to shot me either.
Me: they won’t. Just Anna gets shots. When she cries, will you tell her that it’s ok?
Isaac: or, I can put a pacifier in her mouth.

90% of the time, Isaac refers to Anna as annabanana. The other 10% she’s thebaby, ourbaby or mybaby (his).

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  1. Where do kids get this stuff – “Then I can’t poop” LOL – He’s such a hoot! How are you doing? I’m so glad that you have this site so I can keep up with the kids and You!

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