Anna had her two month checkup on Tuesday. She screamed the whole time, which isn’t really like her, but didn’t phase the doc, probably since that’s how Isaac was for most of his early months. :). Isaac went with me and was bouncing off walls which contributed to a general feeling of frazzledness for me. Fun.

The girl is 24 inches long, 11 pounds 7 ounces of fury and has a cranium measuring 15 inches in circumference.

She’s 1/2 an inch longer and 1 ounce less than the boy at his 2 month checkup.

After the measuring and weighing, came the shots. Three in all. She cried. Isaac consoled. Poor little scrawny legs.

She was fast asleep by the time we got home (the doc is about 1.5 miles away). She woke up to eat and get some Tylenol and then slept from 530ish until morning. 🙂

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