blue ridge village, round 4.

last friday, we headed out for our annual trip to banner elk, north carolina, for a little downtime in the mountains. it was a lot different this time, thanks to a little 13.5 lb addition. we didn’t get out adventuring too much and it got a little boring more quickly than i had anticipated. we made a spontaneous exit on tuesday evening and everyone was a little relieved.

while we were there, we hit the mast general store, grandfather mountain (where we had a death grip on isaac at all times or he would have likely met his death) , the outlets, and one restaurant. back at blue ridge village, isaac enjoyed feeding the nonexistent ducks (the fish were thankful) and playing at the playground. oh, and taking long playtime baths in the giant bathtub. derek’s parents were up for the weekend, so we spent a good amount of time with them too.

anyhow… here’s some pics. click on any one of them to be whisked away to the picasa album containing some more….
blue ridge village 2010

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