lucky number seven.

the girl is seven months old on this day.
she turned seven months way faster than isaac did. it’s flying by so fast.

she’s super cute and fun these days.
i love watching her face light up when she sees isaac. she can hear him when he comes down the stairs in the morning and greets him with a big excited smile. but, even better than that is when she squeals with delight when he hops in the car after a morning at school. he’s always equally as happy to see her, getting all up close and personal and talking baby talk and giving kisses. it’s sweet.

she’s got a dramatic little personality. she cries at the top of her lungs when something is taken away from her. or when i leave the room. she arches her back and kicks backwards for the full length of all diaper changes and most car seat loading atttempts.

so far, her favorite foods seem to be carrots and oatmeal with applesauce. isaac ate everything. she is rather picky. which is ironic, because now isaac eats approximately 8 items of food. maybe she’ll be the opposite. or maybe she’ll eat one item.

she’s still got 2 teeth.

she still puts anything and everything into her mouth. so, we’ve upped the frequency of vacuuming.

well, that’s all i’ve got. it’s late. and she’s almost 7 months and a day, so i’d better get this posted…

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