blog pledge.

since facebook rolled up on the scene, my blogging has gotten worse and worse. i sort of feel like no one really reads the blog anymore. not even my mom. so what’s the point. and i feel like everything is redundant because i’ve already posted it on facebook. not to mention how easy it is to post to facebook and how hard it is to post to this blog. i have to actually open my laptop. hopefully wordpress will get their iphone app working someday and i can post from my phone again… sigh…

anyhow, i am pledging, both for my avid blog readers and for my second kid, to blog more. isaac had practically every moment of his life recorded in cyberspace. poor anna barely exists. maybe if i blog a whole bunch before she can read, she’ll never be the wiser…

anyhow… that’s the plan. 🙂

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  1. Michelle of Utica says:

    Hi Sarah –
    I check and read your blog every day!!! FB is okay – but I like the stories, the pics and just the fun. I often remember SUNY and the stuff we did there and am always amazed at the place that we both are now. It’s a good thing – just amazing. Isaac and Anna are beautiful – your forays into baking and sewing are awesome to see and I really enjoy your blog – so don’t give up! You do have a READER!!!!

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