the clinger

well, we went to florida, for my gramps memorial service. we left last saturday and got back on friday. anna, who is already a bit clingy, did not fare well on the trip. there were so many strange faces. faces attached to bodies attached to arms that were endlessly reaching out to hold her. and she didn’t like it. and we were in a strange place. and it just didn’t go well. i could barely put her down for a second. i did find some respite occasionally when she would allow derek to hold her for a bit. but i had to be in her eyesight. at. all. times.

now that we’re back, it seems like she’s decided to stay clingy. if i go in the kitchen without her, she screams like she’s hurt. often, her scream is followed by isaac’s worried little voice, telling me that he didn’t do anything to her. poor bubba. well, not that poor, because he’s often guilty of knocking her over, poking her, ramming toys into her, taking precious toys from her and other various scream inducing shenanigans. so, he’s well rehearsed in the art of “i didn’t do anything”….

the best part is, she’s a quick little crawler. she could just follow me. but, she gets so upset, screams so loud and so long, doesn’t breathe, gets frantic and then there’s no way she can catch up. i talk to her from the other room. 10 feet away. but, nothing works, until i return and pick her up and her little tense body relaxes. i hope it’s a quickly passing phase, because i might just possibly go crazy.

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