di$ney world!!

it goes like this…
isaac has never had a big cool birthday party. but, this year, having had to share his life with a baby sister, we thought maybe we’d spring for a bit bigger of a bash and have some friends. maybe at the bouncing place. it was going to be a lot of money…
then, we received word that my gramp’s memorial was going to be the day after isaac’s birthday. derek suggested we stop off at a little known place known as the magic kingdom on our way home and celebrate isaac’s birthday with woody and buzz, rather than his real life friends. (sorry real life friends). since we were already going to be in florida, it seemed like a no brainer. so we did it.

at first, we really had to explain to isaac what was about to occur. we talked about the castle that is shown before all of his movies. that he’d see a real buzz and woody and jessie. we weren’t really sure how that would go, since isaac is mortified of the chick-fil-a cow and the winston-salem dash mascot. he started out a little unsure of the disney characters, but not terrified. it was better than i anticipated, so we were off to a great start.

the first place we went was to tomorrowland and to the buzz lightyear ride. we learned very quickly that isaac is not a fan of rides that go in the dark. not a fan at all. so, after clinging to derek for the entire ride, derek bought isaac some figurines to help ease the pain and we were off to other things…

isaac and i rode goofy’s barnstormer and he loved it. and we rode it again. and again. and again. and again. and we would have ridden it all day, if we didn’t convince him there were other things to see and do. we rode dumbo. and even thunder mountain railroad. (ps. i can’t believe isaac is big enough to ride some of the bigger rides.)

i think his favorite part was the parades. he loved seeing all the characters and waving at them. and they waved back. we even got to go out and dance in the street with his favorite – jessie the cowgirl. :). but not too close.

about halfway through the day, we met up with chris, jason, grace and liam… old friends from winston who have moved to colorado, but were also at disney (they originally hail from orlando and were in town visiting family). so, that was a nice bonus to the day.

at the end of the day, everyone was worn out. have i mentioned that anna was there too. poor girl. just dragged along for the ride. she liked it. she rode some little rides with us. got to see lots of bright colors and funny characters from the comfort of her stroller. she was cool with it.

the next day… thursday… we just went to downtown disney. it’s free. well, sort of. it’s got a lot of stores and, well, you wind up buying things. :). we played with legos and mr. potato head and ate lunch (with the same old pals) at the t-rex cafe. bought some toys. and headed back to the hotel to prepare for the long trip home.

side note: when we got home friday night, every last one of us got a stomach bug and much throwing up took place. delightful. but that has nothing to do with disney, but it will forever be a memory i attach to the trip…

anyhow, here’s some pics from picasa… click on one to go to the entire album, if you dare…


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