infected right ear.

we’ve had a rough go this winter. so much sickness. colds. flus. coughs. stomach bugs.

so, when anna started to be run-down at the same time as the rest of us, we assumed she had the same ailment. when it didn’t go away in the same time frame, we thought maybe it was the teething. but, after a quick trip to the doc, it was confirmed that the annababy had an ear infection in her right ear.

(also at the doctor appointment, which was supposed to be a well-child 9 month appointment, we learned anna’s stats. unfortunately, i only caught one of them: she’s 18 lbs and 5.5 oz., which is 50th percentile. i do know that she’s 90th percentile for length. and either 50th or 90th for head size. i can’t remember. i’m a really good mom.)

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