rainbow cake

somehow, over the past couple of weeks, i have amassed a great deal of leftover frosting. in an unrelated story, i had promised my friend bridgette that i would show her how i get smooth (ish) frosting on my cakes the next time i made a cake. since there are really no cakes on the horizon for a bit, i decided to just go ahead and make a cake to use up the icing and give a quick demo to my aspring caker friend.

so, last night, ike and i mixed up some box cake mix and then made the impulse decision to dirty a large number of bowls and spoons so that we could color small amounts of the batter different colors and make a rainbow-y cake.

we poured red, orange and yellow into one pan:

and green. blue and purple into the other:

they came out like this:

i was a little worried that when i leveled them, i would just be cutting off the top layer of color and losing the effect i was hoping for, but i was pleasantly surprised when i actually peeled that top humpy part away:

since all was going well, i couldn’t bring myself to use old frosting on this beauty, so we whipped up a new batch of vanilla buttercream and i gave my best cake smoothing demonstration. (i think the pressure got to me, because it was one of my worst cakes in awhile, but i was still able to give some pointers). anyhooo…. here’s the final product:

we are gathering tomorrow for lunch with some out of town friends, so we’ll be dragging this creation along with us. i am looking forward to seeing what it looks like when we cut into it. i can barely keep from running down to the fridge and hacking into it as we speak. or as i type, i suppose. so, stay tuned for that pic…

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